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We are a financially secure company with minimal third party investment, allowing our clients peace of mind and security upon ordering large quantities, and or contracting long-term service agreements. Specialising in large and regular orders, our work ethic and focused expertise will be a breath of fresh air when you try our service. Currently at DP Griferia, we are implemanting a full European expansion; marketing our products in Central Europe to D.I.Y chains and wholesalers alike. Contact us now to utilise our current movements.

Hardware in Europe

Our knowledge and professionalism is second to none in European Wholesalers; we offer a tailored service to every client we have. We believe each individual client has their own individual needs and requirements, of which we proud ourselves in being able to address and support. We offer a customised packaging service, corporate indentity, business designs etc. All encompassed in one company. We are the the only Spanish company with the ability to offer, and maintain, low prices and outstanding quality. This is due to our high import capacity and reduced cost structure.

To offer these prices and industrial quantities, we believe in low profit margins and high volume purchases.

Deliveries with a maximum 75 days
From when we accept the order to delivery to each individual centre.

Our Business Vision
Coupled with our seriousness and commitment to our clients requirements, we could be a unique partner to any party in the sector. We are genuine and sincere when we say we do everything we can for our clients. We understand the importance of a D.I.Y chain's or wholesaler's decision when selecting a supplier; we believe we can give you the confidence and trust that you need. Call today and try us yourself.